However hard I try I fail miserably at comprehending the lingo used by the generation of today. The OMG, LOL are some that I have memorized. Last night my grand daughter asked me, gran when are we having BB’S? I looked at her bewildered, not another one of those ridiculous abbreviations again. This was a new one for sure, I was so tempted to ask her what it meant, but, I did not want to show her my ignorance, so I let it be and just answered her soon and let the matter rest. That was last night! Again, this morning she wanted to know when we were going to have the BB’S, that’s what got me asking. She looked at me with the incorrigible look, that meant you don’t know what BB’S are? BB’S are your branded burgers! Branded burgers are a mouthful! BB’S had a fun ring to it. I locked that new piece of information somewhere in my head, hoping to retrieve it and use it correctly at a later date. OMG how silly of me not to know that!

These are the last few days that she spends with me, the following week she will be returning home as her parents return from their business trip. So being the indulgent gran that I am, I have offered to host four of her closest friends over the weekend to dinner and a one-night sleep over. It was decided that the menu would typically be the comfort food variety, absolutely sinful! Branded Burgers, French fries, lasagna, personalized cupcakes and soda. The plan was to eat and watch a marathon session of their favorite T.V program. I am all for bonding over meals and sleep-overs but please spare me the language.

So out came my JIM BEAM BRANDING IRON and I soon got to work. From the little box came out all the alphabets and I applied my mind to frame short messages that I could brand into the meat. I thought the first round of burgers could carry the message Eat, Enjoy and the second round an adjective describing each of them.  So, the two of us got together and came up with the following adjectives. We had ADORABLE ANNE, CHATTERBOX CHLOE, MERRY MACY and ARTISTIC SUE. I think I will brand my granddaughters burger as LAZY LYNDA!

I am looking forward to a laughter filled weekend. Though it may seem strenuous and tiring, with all those mouths to feed, I feel rejuvenated and excited waiting to hear the peals of laughter and the constant giggling sounds that engulf the house once the girls meet up. I reminisce about my child hood where we too had our play dates, but a much simpler version, where foods served was cookies and candy and tubs of popcorn.

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