It was one of the most innovative and attractive invites I have ever received. Announcing the opening of a snack and juice bar, the invite was beautifully worded and tastefully printed in modern calligraphy,the heading declaring boldly CAN IT. The exquisite paper was neatly folded and placed in a mason jar with an attractive lid.

We did accept the invite and attended one of the most entertaining, energizing and electrifying events ever. The place was colorful and vibrant, almost every other person from the neighborhood was present, making it a social gathering of sorts. I am in awe of the visualizer and organizer of this new food and drink venture. Every item on the menu was being served in a unique and stylish way. Whether it was fries, nuggets, lemonade, cold coffee or souffle they were all being served in Mason Jars of different sizes. So colorful and appetizing did everything look that I mentally decided to implement this kind of presentation in my cooking and serving. Hoping it would have a positive effect in the food habits of my fussy children.

I bought the LE REGALO 5 PC MASON JAR SET. A set that included four jars and a decanter. I copied the presentation I had seen at the snack and juice bar and every evening had something appetizing and colorful to serve the children when they returned from their class. By rotation it was cold coffee, Peach flavored iced tea, lemonade and orange juice. Without worrying of spills as they walked around with the mason jar in their hands, I often wondered why I had not thought of this system earlier. The lid fit with a straw fit the jar tightly, leaving it air tight and leak proof. Sealing inside the jar, freshness for a longer time.

The LE REGALO 5 PC MASON JAR SET has become a permanent fixture at our dining table. Besides being regularly used as a drinks server I often use it to create my health drinks too. Its wide mouth lends it self beautifully to fill it with pieces of my 0 calories containing cut vegetables and then I then fill it with adequate amount of water, refrigerate it and my vitamin rich, stomach soothing drink is ready. I must admit, I do walk around the house completing my chores sipping away at what I call my elixir.

LE REGALO 5 PC MASON JAR SET has been put to a variety of uses, my husband being an absolute DIY fan actually bought a set for himself to store his never-ending collection of bits, screws, utility blades and tape and other paraphernalia that he keeps needing as he potters around the house repairing or restoring items that need attention. Taking cue from his father, my son helped himself to one spare jar to fill it with his broken crayons. I must thank John Landis Mason for helping me keep my surroundings clutter fee and at the same time serving me the most colorful, healthy and wholesome drinks that keep my entire family in good health and good cheer.

We at StyleAsia are the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor of this practical and attractive mason jar set from brand Le Regalo. Made from the choicest of materials they make a statement with every serving. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. It shall be an absolute honor if we can partner with you as you choose to stylishly serve and impress. Use the mason jars in different creative and innovative manner each time saying WE CAN, CAN IT WITH IT.