I spent the better half of Sunday watching the recording of the Golden Globe Awards 2019. I had missed the original telecast and was looking forward to a relaxed evening. Though I knew the winners, just watching the grand show and the razzmatazz had me all wide eyed wanting for more. The beautiful sets, the flawless presentation, the effortless hosting had me admiring the event planner! What a team! And what creativity! But the back of my mind was cluttered with thoughts of the event that I had to host. An event that I have been hosting for the past nine years without much stress and effort but this year I seemed to be having some difficulty putting my act together. My son was turning ten,it was his first double digit birthday. He wanted a party but without the birthday frills of balloons and streamers. A theme -based party was what he was aiming for.

My son is a huge CHICAGO BULLS fan. He eats, breathes, sleeps red and white. Literally, from the wall hangings to jerseys, bed comforter and other paraphernalia, his room is a sea of white and red. All this being a trickle-down effect of being selected onto his school basketball team. He wanted to have a red and white theme party this year and so a lot of my time was spent putting together the event. From the decorations, the menu and the return goodies bag all had to have some red and white in it. Gone were the days of putting a few kids in the car, driving them to CHUCKY CHEESE and letting them lose there.

My son had categorically informed me that he did not want anything” babyish”, so balloons and streamers were out. I spent agonizing hours wondering how to decorate the room. Falling back on the CHICAGO BULLS for assistance I decided, I would put up huge posters of the entire team and used it as a backdrop for all the fun activities. The cake was to be a RED VELVET cake in the form of number 10. That and the return gift was an absolute no brainer. We unanimously decided on the COCA-COLA CAN. This cool and catchy can was red and white! I had met my first criteria for the theme party. It was a 4-in-1 Multi-function can with RADIO- AUX- USB -TF card. An appropriate gift for this technology driven 10-year old’s.

The mid-week party was a super show. I gave myself a silent pat on the back. They thoroughly enjoyed the interactive games that I had lined up. Just hearing those children talk, the language they used brought a smile to my face. Most of them had turned ten or were turning ten soon. They had undergone a metamorphosis from the last time I interacted with them. I think the number ten does it to you. Single digit to double digit is like caterpillar to butterfly.

As they peeped into their goody bag I could hear the exclamations of wow! So Cool! So deft are they in the technology skills that not one of them needed guidance on the workings of the COCA-COLA CAN.

We, at StyleAsia are the manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor of these musical cans. A product from Brand COCA-COLA these cans serve to set the pace for any gathering. This melodious masterpiece is a cost-effective gifting idea for all ages. With built in services of radio, AUX, USB and TF card this amazing product serves as a companion that emits good vibes only. Please feel free to contact us or connect with us at your convenience. We shall be highly privileged if we can partner with you as you seek to hear, share, gift and enjoy music through this snazzy multi-functional red white and cute COCA-COLA can.