• Le Regalo, a collection of gifts that will be received with eagerness and shared with joy. Gifting made easy and appropriate with an entire range of kitchenware, houseware and glassware. Le Regalo aspires to take a position of pride in every modern home and kitchen. Made from the choicest of material, these beautiful creations from Le Regalo will make a statement with every serving. Artistically designed, and meticulously manufactured the ensemble from Le Regalo promises to be the homemakers pride.

  • Brand LECTRIQUE emphasizes the strong synergy between music and fitness. Engaging the customer in the most exciting and creative way, it brings to you the latest electronics and portable devices at unbeatable prices, with unquestionable quality. Its products include the Fitness Tracker and Blue tooth enabled Wireless Headphones. Change the way you feel forever! Get better and more fit than you used to be. Brand LECTRIQUE makes every workout feel like a dance party !

  • Coca-cola

    Coca-Cola, a household American brand that the world reveres for its 125 years of illustrious growth and enjoys an established presence in more than 200 countries, now rolls out an assortment of meticulously crafted speakers, radios and classic turntables. Synonymous with American lifestyle & tradition and passed down through generations of patrons, Coca-Cola symbolizes style, freshness and quality. An American heritage, the red & white gleaming Coke logo is now ready to add music to your ears in style.This distinct and well known brand has some of the very best audio components and provides the same fresh experience that Coca Cola has been known for since its very humble beginnings in 1886.

  • Jim Beam

    200 years and the 7th generation of The Boehm family continues to define class and taste. A compelling companion for the avid BBQ enthusiast, Jim Beam is a one stop shop for the best in class grilling and tailgating accessories. Destination BBQ is us, we define standards in quality and others meekly follow. Crafted with finest materials, our Jim Beam Merchandise grilling accessories stand out to be a unique blend of aesthetics and utility, the recognition is instant for the owners.


  • Polaroid

    Polaroid bespeaks quality, style and substance, preserving this dictum the Polaroid branded watches, watch sets, clocks and art sets have a crisp, clean and appealing craft. Meant to be the finest and one of the kind, the style would steal the hearts of millennials and baby boomers alike. In an increasing world of all things digital, we have recreated the classic, evergreen, retro charm that’s modern, stylish and meaningful. Explore us, you’ll only be pleased doing so.

  • NorthPoint

    A handpicked collection of home lifestyle products, Northpoint has established an identity for style, substance and quality. A refreshing addition to the trend conscious homemaker’s chic yet ethnic functional decorations, the lineup includes vintage lanterns, led candles, motion sensor lights, weather station, clocks and humidifiers to name a few.

  • Aqua Sound

    The combination of sound and water, one a form of energy and the other an element of life, is truly mesmerizing. Create magic with the trendy Bluetooth enabled water-proof speakers from brand AQUA SOUND. Create a partnership between calmness and energy as you enjoy your favorite genre of music. Built with the latest technology these speakers are an ideal way to listen to music in the shower or at the beach.

  • Ecothink

    As an emerging leader in Solar lighting Ecothink illuminates millions of homes in America. Energy efficient, long lasting and most importantly ecofriendly, Ecothink lights are becoming a household necessity. A gamut of lighting products to eliminate darkness both indoor and outdoor, these add the extra charm to any décor. Weather resistant, ergonomic and durable, the quality stands out.

  • American Builder logo

    A house-hold name, American Builder Tools for the home and automobile are built to last. Manufactured with the discerning handyman in mind, this assortment of tool sets are made of high grade steel and feature comfort grip, rugged, yet easy to use design with a compact ensemble. These tools are a must for all indoor and outdoor emergencies and self-help household chores.

  • CHEFS BASICS SELECT is a brand that completes every kitchen. Its extensive collection of everyday gadgets and tools score high on safety, functionality, quality and design. The eclectic array of tools under brand CHEFS BASICS SELECT includes BBQ accessories, cocktail and wine sets. Every tool is contemporary, bold and superior in every way. The aesthetically designed tools blend in effortlessly in any kitchen, modern or traditional.

  • Smart Essentials is a brand comprising of an array of products that epitomize utility and value. The Philosophy of the brand is to beautify and simplify. The complete collection under brand Smart Essentials touches you, your life and your surroundings bringing with it unique and simple solutions to everyday situations. The assemblage of products includes premium quality make-up application accessories, lint removers, glass holders, pill organizers and many more. Created by minds inspired by simplicity and beauty, every product of the Smart Essential family is essentially smart and simply beautiful.