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Jim Beam®
Grilling Accessories

200 years and the 7th generation of The Boehm family continues to define class and taste. A compelling companion for the avid BBQ enthusiast, Jim Beam® is a one stop shop for the best in class grilling and tailgating accessories.

Destination BBQ is us, we define standards in quality & others meekly follow. Crafted with finest materials, our Jim Beam® Merchandise grilling accessories stand out to be a unique blend of aesthetics and utility, the recognition is instant for the owners.


There’s nothing like bringing a taste of the dragon to your home bar. Fireball® cinnamon whiskey is the “go-to” for spicy whiskey enthusiasts. Style Asia’s Fireball® Barware is a fire addition to your home bar, making you feel like a pro bartender with our assortment of the best and most useful bar accessories.

Designed with style and panache, a sleek and minimal feel, in addition to the hot packaging, makes the Fireball Barware line a great gifting idea. After all, its Fireball® o’clock somewhere!

Fireball Brand Banner
Le Regalo Brand Banner

Le Regalo®
Homemaker’s Pride

Le Regalo®, a collection of gifts that will be received with eagerness and shared, with joy. Gifting made easy and appropriate with an entire range of kitchenware, houseware and glassware. Le Regalo® aspires to take a position of pride in every modern home and kitchen.

Made from the choicest of material, these beautiful creations from Le Regalo® will make a statement with every serving. Artistically designed, and meticulously manufactured the ensemble to be the homemakers pride.

North Point®
Lifestyle Products

A handpicked collection of home lifestyle products, North Point® has established an identity for style, substance and quality.

A refreshing addition to the trend conscious homemaker’s chic yet ethnic functional decorations, the lineup includes vintage lanterns, led candles, motion sensor lights, weather station, clocks and humidifiers to name a few.

North point Brand Banner
Textilia Brand Banner

Everyday Living

The Textilia™ Line of Textiles and Linens believes In developing and maintaining a sleek, aesthetic yet useful line of home goods, which seems to be a steady requirement in any organized home. The Textilia™ Textiles are manufactured and developed using careful and precise manufacturing techniques that allow the final product to be exactly what any customer wants, which is a long lasting and reliable product in their home.

American Builder®
Auto Tools

A household name, American Builder® Tools for the home and automobile are built to last. Manufactured with the discerning handyman in mind, this assortment of tool sets are made of high grade steel and feature comfort grip, rugged yet easy to use design and a compact ensemble. These tools are a must for all indoor and outdoor emergencies and self help household chores.

American Builder Brand Banner
Ecothink banner


Solar Lights

As an emerging leader in Solar lighting, Ecothink® illuminates millions of homes in America. Energy efficient, long lasting and most importantly ecofriendly, Ecothink® lights are becoming a household necessity. A gamut of lighting products to eliminate darkness both indoor and out- door, these add the extra charm to any décor. Weather resistant, ergo- nomic and durable, the quality stands out.

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