American Builder 104 PC Drill Bit Set

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  • Case Pack: 4
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  • Model Number: HW2291

104-Piece Drill Bit Set From American Builder.



American Builder 104-piece Drill Bit set (HW2291)

Be it carpentry or wood work, if you are looking for a perfect master piece tool set for drilling, The American Builder 104-piece drill bit set is an excellent choice. The kit has 104 types of drill bits necessary for drilling.

A complete package of all the customized drill bits comes with Drill bits, Drill stop, Driver bits, Hole saw, Screw finders, Counter sink, Hex key.

The American Builder 104-piece drill bit set has,

  • 13 HSS-4241 twist drill bits, titanium coated.
  • 4 Wood drill bits.
  • 4 Masonry drill bits.
  • 3 Wood spade bits.
  • 50 Pieces of 25mm screw driver bits.
  • 10 Pieces of 50mm screw driver bits.
  • 7 Nut drivers, 5 Plastic bit holders in Red.
  • 3 Drill stop.
  • 4 Hole saw.
  • 1 Hole saw adapter.
  • 2 Screw finders.
  • 1-Bit holder.
  • 1 Counter sink.
  • 1 Hex key.

Carpentry, drilling activity is made easier with this American Builder 104-piece drill bit set master pack.