AquaSound Portable Water Resistant All Weather Bluetooth Speakers (Aqua Blue)

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  • Category: Camping
  • Model Number: 192081

A music lovers delight.

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Aqua Blue





The All Weather AQUA SOUND WATER RESISTANT BLUETOOTH SPEAKER is a music lovers delight. For all those looking for a reasonably priced, good quality speaker system to stream music everywhere and anywhere, look no further. This product will satisfactorily fulfill all your requirements.

The AQUA SOUND WATER RESISTANT BLUE TOOTH SPEAKER comes with a built- in suction cup which coheres to any smooth and flat surface be it tile, mirror, door or window pane.

Being water- resistant this piece can be attached to the tiles on the wall and you can stream music while you are in the shower, using the in- built Bluetooth technology.

This versatile water -resistant speakers can be used in multiple places- by the pool or at the beach on camp or on a trek. No more worries of water touching your music system. The system is water resistant.


  • The Aqua Sound water resistant shower speaker, connects to most devices with Bluetooth functionality. Connect your iPhone, Android and tablet with ease.
  • Controls on the speaker allow adjusting volume, skipping songs, responding to calls and more.
  • The suction cup behind the speaker lets you stick your speaker to the bathroom wall, car dashboard or any dry, flat surface.
  • The Aqua Sound water resistant speaker does great for outdoor pools, boating, Hiking, shower use, camping and road trips.
  • The speaker Supports a waterproof level of Ipx4- or in layman’s terms, offers protection from a splash of water in any direction for at least 5 minutes.


Made from superior quality plastic, it is available in four vibrant colors of RED, BLUE, PURPLE and BLACK. Its compact shape, light weight, simple to use features makes it an ideal carry along partner.

Compatible with most BLUETOOTH enabled devices, this device is truly hands free, allows you to answer your calls as well as make calls through the speaker. Being in the shower and/or listening to music no longer a plausible reason to miss an important phone call. Speaker includes the Rewind and Fast forward function making it a complete music system.

Do not be fooled by its size. That small piece of technology emits music that is balanced and smooth.