Dunlop Table Top Bowling Set

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  • Case Pack: 4
  • Category: Art & Games
  • Model Number: DLP012

Bring the arcade into your home ,onto your table for hours of recreation and fun.

  • Fast paced bowling game right on your desktop
  • It contains a fast and easy pin reset and built in score counter
  • Its compact design is perfect for home, office, or travel
  • Includes: game board, bowling pins, and game balls



Wholesale Dunlop Table Top Bowling Set: (DLP012)

Roll the ball, let not a single pin stand on the arena. The game of bowling made even more fun, with The Dunlop Table Top Bowling Set. It gives you the thrill of the fast-paced bowling action right on your desktop.

This table game contains, easy pin resets and a built-in score counter and bears compact design. The game table has pin setting guide lever, drop down pin setter along with pins, bowling lane on the game board, ball set-up button and launch button.

All you need to press the pin setting lever down to raise up the pin setter. Insert the bowling pins into the pin guide holes until all the 10 pins have been set. Release the lower pin setter. And you are ready to go!!

Windup and lock the bowler’s hand backwards into the starting position. Press the ball set up button to release the ball into the holder. Move and adjust the bowler to line him up with the pins. Press the ball launch button to fire the ball down the lane.

Bring home the unique set of compact, portable and fascinating table top bowling set from Dunlop, and spend joyful times with buddies.