Ecothink Solar LED Flame Lantern

  • Brands:
  • Case Pack: 8
  • Category: Outdoor
  • Model Number: 155034

This beautiful, aesthetic hanging LED lantern takes a position of pride wherever its placed.



Rethink your social responsibility with ECOTHINK. This Solar LED Flame Lantern is a beautiful aesthetic product that takes a position of pride where ever it is placed.

Made from plastic, glass and iron this piece of lighting illuminates your driveway, pathway, garden or entrance with a gently flickering light.

Strategically mount it and let its crystalline silicon panel capture the sunlight for you. A simple ON/OFF FUNCTION is what it takes to illuminate the surroundings.

ECOTHINK Solar Led Flame Lantern comes with

  • 48*SMD 2620 LED’S
  • 2V Crystalline Silicon Solar Panel
  • 1*1.2 V 2000Ah.Ni-Mh rechargeable battery
  • Mounting bracket and hardware included

Charging time of 8 Hours results in functionality of 6-8 hours.


It’s super bright LED’S last up to 100000 hours, allowing you to create an atmosphere of warmth and celebration. Escape the messy wiring requirements of electrical fittings, mount or simply place this Flame Lantern and create your desired ambience.

Reduce your dependence on the diminishing natural resources and escape mounting electricity bills too.  Adopt Solar Energy as alternate source of light, illuminate with ECOTHINK.