Jim Beam 5-in-1 cast iron Pre Seasoned Skillet

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  • Model Number: JB0182

Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Skillet. Cooks 5 foods simultaneously.



Jim Beam cast iron 5-in-1 Skillet (JB0182)

Experience a new style of cooking, grilling on Cast Iron with the all new Jim Beam Cast Iron Skillet. Cooking is quick and easy in cast iron, due to the high heat retention capacity.

The skillet is designed with 5 different sections with the grill and griddle pans to cook 5 different foods simultaneously. The pre-seasoned quality of a Cast Iron, forever keeps the skillet naturally non-sticky.

Heavy duty construction of Cast Iron is also known for superior heat retention and even cooking. The skillet set is exclusively designed for ideal grilling and oven purposes.

Bring home Jim Beam 5 in 1 Skillet to experience the fast, effective ways of cooking