Jim Beam 9-Piece Tailgating Stool with Grill Tools Set

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  • Case Pack: 6
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  • Model Number: JB0103
  • 9-Piece grilling set designed for the tailgate enthusiast
  • Includes Handy tailgate fold-out seat
  • Tools made from stainless steel and durable parawood
  • Includes: Spatula with bottle opener, Tongs, Three prong fork, Grill cleaning brush
  • Basting brush, Mitt, Salt Shaker, Pepper Shaker



Jim Beam brings to you a uniquely designed fold out seat with handy tools. Ideal for the tailgating enthusiast, the tools include a spatula with bottle opener, tongs, three prong fork, cleaning brush, basting brush, mitt and a salt and pepper shaker. All the accessories are made of stainless steel with para-wood handles and designed for easy use, comfort and durability. Celebrate your tailgating experience with a compact, portable seat and premium quality tools.


  • Complete grilling set: This premium grilling sets includes spatula with bottle opener, tongs, three prong fork, grill cleaning brush, salt and pepper shaker, basting brush and mitt.
  • Tools for every task: A sturdy spatula for easy flipping. The inbuilt bottle opener serves well to open all bottles easily and conveniently. A pair of tongs that make it safer and easier to grill move, turn and flip food over. A sharp and long skewering fork with 3 prongs. A basting brush to evenly spread out all your favorite flavorings. A grill cleaning brush to remove and clean the residue off the grill. It includes the salt and pepper shaker, so you have your seasonings handy too. You can now prepare and eat the food directly off the grill.
  • The enthusiasts choice: Made with ergonomically designed parawood handles with hanging loops at the end these truly are a grilling enthusiasts delight. The long handles keep your hand safe from heat at the same time giving you a firm grip over the tool as you handle the food.
  • Great gift: This 9pc tailgating stool with grilling tools is an ideal gift for a budding tailgating enthusiast or a BBQ master.