Northpoint Adventure series Multifunctional Radio Lantern with Built-in Flashlight

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Northpoint 12 LED Lantern with a built-in AM/FM Radio

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Navy Green





Northpoint Multifunctional Radio Lantern with Built-in Flashlight : 3 colors

NorthPoint’s LED lantern is a multipurpose product. Thanks to a bunch of handy built-in features, the product can be used on a number of occasions and emergencies, such as storms, hurricanes, and power breakdowns. The North Point Lantern can be a cheap but effective source of back-up light for you and your family.


MULTIFUNCTIONAL : The Flagship piece from NorthPoint comes with various functions, a campers delight, the piece has AM/FM compatibility, 12 LED lights, bright enough to light your path, and a 4 LED Flashlight.

BATTERY OPERATED: The piece requires 3 “D” Batteries to operate, making it portable and easy to use. No messy wiring required.

HANGING RING : The NorthPoint Emergency lantern comes with a hanging ring, making it easy to set up while on camping trips or in the outdoors.

HIGH INTENSITY LED BULBS : With a total of 16 High Intensity LED’s, the lantern proceeds to be the front runner in the market, beating other lanterns out there in terms of functionality, longevity and overall ease of use.

3 DIFFERENT COLORS : The Emergency Multifunctional Radio comes in three different colors, White, Black and Green.


Let’s give you a few examples. Consider the following situations where the NorthPoint Lantern can come in very handy:

  • Situation #01: You live in a town where power outages are frequent. It’s a nuisance you can’t get rid of, but you can stay on top of the situation by keeping reliable back-up light sources, such as the battery operated lantern from NorthPoint.
  • Situation #02: Living with a family, you have to make sure your children don’t get startled during a power emergency. Keeping an emergency light in the children’s room that’s light-weight, easy-to-handle, and isn’t a threat to their safety is the kind of smart decision you can make by getting a couple of NorthPoint LED Lanterns for the kids.
  • Situation #03: You’re spending a quiet evening on the porch with your favorite radio station on. With the NorthPoint Lantern, you can play a battery powered radio right by your side so you don’t have to worry about the noise.
  • Situation #04: Camping in the hills over the weekend, you can pack the NorthPoint Lantern in your backpack without a worry. It’s a strong device and comes with a power backup of over two hours straight. Brighten up your campsite and listen to music on the radio before you tuck in.

These are just a few situations where people will need a device like the NorthPoint Lantern. Truth be told, it’s like a must-have item in the household. It’s light in the hand, small enough for convenient packing in a backpack side pocket, and it comes in three colors.

Product Design

The NorthPoint Lantern is built using durable but light material, which results in a strong product that is easy to pack and carry. This also means it ranks high on safety.

The lantern is designed in a traditional style of gas lamps, with the 12 LED lights placed like a cylinder in the middle, surrounded with a durable transparent cover that allows illumination all around the lantern.

In the tradition of vintage lanterns, this LED lantern also has a handle on the top for grip and carriage. The curved top handle also gives a hanging capability to the device. You can use a simple hook, rope, or thread, to hang the lantern in place if there’s no good spot to put it on, like at a campsite.

The smart design of this device also allows you to play the lights or radio independently. For instance, if you want to listen to your favorite news radio channel, you don’t have to turn on the flashlight or the lantern unless you need to.

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