Polaroid 52 Piece Art Set

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  • Case Pack: 12
  • Category: Art & Games
  • Model Number: PDA001

This art set is compact and easy to carry and store. With the latest trend of adult coloring book therapy, this set is a trend for both children and grown ups. Horizontal package opens up to 4 layers. Set contains 12 Felt Tip Pens, 12 Color Pencils, 12 Crayons, 12 Water Color Tablets, a Sharpener, eraser and a paint brush.



Polaroid 52 Piece Art Set (PDA001)

*Polaroids’ aesthetic creation, the 52 Piece Artists Kit comes in a hexagonal multi layered box, perfect for your kids to take to school

*Let the kids have the BEST! Gift your kids this uber cool art kit, let them UNLEASH their inner artist and get their creative juices flowing

*CREATIVITY : Do you know what happens when creative juices are released in the Brain? Well keeping big words out of the picture, one thing does happen, YOU FEEL HAPPY!!!

*CONVENIENCE : With a prime design and easy clean up and carry, using the art set saves time, keeps you organized and tidy, and most of all, you have your tools in one place!

*GET YOUR MONEYS WORTH : With affordable prices for all, the art set can be bought multiple times over. Lets get this straight, if you are an art freak, you are going to run out of tools quick, but with Polaroids affordable for all art set, you can re purchase quick and barely feel a pinch