Polaroid Digital Clock with Indoor Temperature

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  • Case Pack: 48
  • Category: Home
  • Model Number: PDC004

This Polaroid Digital Clock is a quality product. The clock face shows time in 12 Hr. or 24 Hr. mode. A single scan will give you readings of Day/Date/Month with indoor temperature. The sleek , simple design of brand POLAROID, known for its quality and precision is its greatest take away.

  • Digital color LCD screen
  • Shows indoor temperature
  • Features calendar
  • Alarm and snooze function
  • Time in 12/24 hour format
  • Birthday reminder



A simple, sleek design, reliable functioning has been the core attributes of the brand Polaroid. This Polaroid clock comes with an integral rainbow strip design as Polaroid’s identity, on a colored LCD display.

Now it’s no longer difficult to wake up early in the morning, as this clock comes with alarm and snooze function. Set an alarm by twice pressing the mode button. Be ready well in time.

The clock has an adjustable time format appearing in both 24- hour and 12-hour format. You can choose to use it as you wish. The default time on the clock is 12.00. Press the mode button once to change the clock format.

Plan your dear one’s birthday party well in time by getting special reminders. The calendar feature has been made more interesting with this birthday reminder function. Press the mode button 3 times to enter in to the birthday reminder mode.

You can also set a timer by pressing the mode button 4 times to get in to Timer function mode.

Get to know the indoor weather with the precise temperature display within the screen section. The indoor temperature is displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius. Press set button once to switch visa-versa.

The unit can be powered with 3” AAA Batteries, 5V DC adapter (Not included).

A single scan will give you readings of Day, Date, Month with Indoor temperature. This design of the Polaroid clock, is known for its quality and precision and has been its greatest take away.