Polaroid Lithium-Ion Mobile Storage PDB300

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  • Category: Portable Power Storage
  • Model Number: PDB300



Polaroid Portable Power Everywhere PDB300, Mobile Generator Lithium Ion Battery Energy Storage System, 100 Watt

Carry the power with you with the all new Polaroid Lithium Ion mobile storage. If you ever fall short of a power source required for consistent device charging, this small, sophisticated mobile power storage from Polaroid will fulfil all the power needs. Exclusively designed for tailgating, daytrips, camping, boating and any other outdoor recreational activities.

It is a unique, light weight and convenient power source and can be carried within a backpack or a camera bag. Moreover, it’s a must-have backup in case of power outages in office or at home. This storage device can keep your smartphone, refrigerator, laptop running for a certain period.

The device is equipped with 289.5-Watt Hour battery with multiple power outlets. A versatile product with the capability of charging a 50 W flood light for 5.5 hours, A laptop for 4.4 hours, A 30 W mini fridge for 9.5 hours. The UL certified DC to AC inverter is included for larger electronics.

Interestingly it has the capability of charging your mobile phone 50 times and the camera battery 18 times.

If you pair the device with compatible solar panels, you can use the device simultaneously whilst its charging.

This power source form Polaroid is designed to work under a variety of conditions. A convenient solution to deal with any emergency during power outages.