Polaroid Universal Portable Powerhouse

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  • Category: Portable Power Storage
  • Model Number: PDB600



Polaroid Portable Power Everywhere PDB 600, Mobile Generator Lithium Ion Battery Energy Storage System, 300 Watt

Charge any device, anytime, anywhere with Polaroid Universal Powerhouse. This most efficient power storage device comes with a 578 Watt-hour lithium ion battery, with 300 W power output.

A perfect and reliable device to supply power for construction, festivals, photo shoots, camping, fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities. The device has both AC and DC output, and provides pure “sine wave”, delivering better and cleaner current to the devices.

The device is 5 times lighter than any other power source with the same output. Hence, reduces the burden while carrying. A rugged device capable of functioning in extreme temperatures as well.

Be it a power outage at home, you can keep your refrigerator, Laptop, Smartphone or any other device running for a substantial period.

The best thing about the device is, it can power 32” LED TV for 14 hours, 50 W LED flood light for 11 hours, a 70 W mini fridge for 8 hours or a 95 W game console for 6 hours. In addition, you can charge 33W tablet 10 times.

You can also charge this Universal Powerhouse with compatible Solar Panels.

Thus, this efficient power source is the most versatile device one can use while on an adventure or during domestic emergencies.