Ultrasonic LED Air Humidifier and Diffuser with Color-Changing Light

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  • Case Pack: 6
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  • Model Number: HW6024
  • Ultra Silent
  • Auto Shut off feature for empty tank.



Soothing, Refreshing Mist
Easily fitting atop nightstands, this device sprays mist from its 360° spout, which not only keeps rooms fresh, but can also help relieve coughs, congestion, and dried-out skin.

Built-in Aromatherapy Diffuser
A pull-out tray lets you add aromatherapy oils, which are then diffused into the air to help create a soothing environment and pleasant scent.

Color-Changing Base
As the device operates, its LED base pulses among seven different colors.

Holds up to 67 ounces of water
Runs for up to 6 hours continuously
Plug-in power adapter included
Product dimensions: 9.5”x6.75”x6.75”